Papers Source Presented
Data Step Hieroglyphics   SESUG, NESUG
SAS Formats: Effective and Efficient   SUGI, NESUG, TASS, SESUG
SAS® to Publishable Excel... Seamlessly – Using ODS, XML, and Other Tricks   SUGI, SESUG
Demystifying the SAS® Macro Facility - by Example   SUGI, SESUG, TASS
Multi-sheet Excel Reports from a Parameterized Stored Process   SESUG
Joining Data: DATA Step Merge or SQL?   SGF
Quick ‘n Dirty - Small, Useful Utility Macros GHSUG, SESUG
Which SASAUTOS Macros Are Available to My SAS® Session? SESUG, SGF
Customized Excel Output Using the Excel Libname     PDF of .ppt   SESUG, GHSUG
QC Your RDBMS Data Using Dictionary Tables           PDF of .ppt SESUG, TASS
Manipulating OLAP Cubes: Advanced Techniques for SAS® Programmers   SGF
SAS vs DB2 Functionality: Who Does What Where?   Client
Creating Stored Processes with Dynamic, Cascading Prompts   TASS, GHSUG
Arrays - Data Step Efficiency   SGF, SESUG, GHSUG
Using SAS Enterprise Guide Effectively - Who Does What Where?   Client
Moving Data and Results Between SAS and Microsoft Excel   SGF, SESUG
Reading Sharepoint List Data Using SAS   GHSUG, Client
Joining Data - SQL vs Data Step Merge   SGF
SAS and Databases: Who Does What Where?   GHSUG
Your Database Can Do SAS Too !            PDF of .ppt   SGF, Client, SESUG
DIS – Take Control with Conditional & Looping Transformations            PDF of .ppt   SESUG
Your Database Can Do Complex String Manipulation Too !                    PDF of .ppt   SESUG